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Powerful. Central. Essential.

Shadow LoL will become one of the most valuable weapons in your arsenal. We offer unique, powerful tools that don't exist anywhere else, tightly integrated into a single efficient platform. You'll become a more efficient analyst, with more time to dig deep into the strategic work that really matters.


Speed up your match reviews with a full 2D replay of every competitive game, including second-by-second positional, health, and gold data (where available) and tracking of key events, player stats, itemization, and more. Flip back and forth between the 2D replay and the same point in the match VOD, making it easy to dive into key moments.

Quickly capture the important information from your scrims, like draft and team compositions, game length, and results. Securely and privately review, filter, and edit your matches to analyze your results. Your data is fed into our other tools so you can see the important information where and when you need it.

Scout players’ champion pools and results from solo queue, scrim, and professional games all in one place, to save you time and help you spot key trends. Then take that information into our draft tool to review an entire team's champion pools in one place and get ready to dominate your next pick/ban phase.

Dive deeper than ever before into the most cutting edge team, player, and champion performance stats, pulled from our database of pro matches and your team’s tracked scrims. Filter by league, patch, map side, game result, and more to find the data that really matters and draw the comparisons that can expose your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, or your own.


Protect your competitive advantages: We know how valuable it is to maintain an information advantage over your opponents. That's why every solo queue account, scrim, and draft scenario you enter into Shadow can only be viewed by members of your own organization.


Billing Cycle: Annual | Semi-annual

Shadow LOL

720 /mo
Early bird pricing in effect for 2017!
  • Comprehensive Match DB
  • 2D Replay Tool
  • Solo Queue Scouting
  • Champion Pool Analysis
  • Draft Preparation
  • Scrim Tracking
  • Stats Analysis

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