Billing Cycle: Annual Contract | Semi-Annual Contract

Shadow Counter-Strike

990 /mo
  • Comprehensive Match DB
  • 2D Replay Tool
  • Heatmap Builder
  • Grenademap Builder
  • Pathmap Builder
  • Direct Access to Support
  • Exclusive 'Scouting Reports' match preparation workflow

Shadow LOL

900 /mo
  • Data-empowered VOD review
  • Scrim Tracking
  • Stats Analysis
  • 2D Replays
  • Champion Pool Analysis
  • Solo Queue Scouting

Shadow Dota 2

720 /mo
  • Comprehensive Match DB
  • Ward Map
  • Smoke Tool
  • Draft Analysis
  • Movement Tracker and Timeline Overview Coming Soon
Closed BETA

Shadow Counter-Strike SemiPRO

  • 100 match uploads per mo
  • 80 Datamap builds per mo
  • 2D Replay tool
  • Limited Tier-1 DB access
  • Same-day support
Is the full package too expensive for your team? A more affordable package for Shadow CS:GO is currently in closed beta. Apply for access by taking a quick survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

LICENSE TERM The minimum term for any SuperPRO license is 6 months. SemiPRO licenses are on a month-to-month basis.

SEATS PER TEAM You’re able to have six people attached to your organization’s account on a standard license. There are other larger license options should you need more seats.

COST Shadow is a monthly subscription starting at €1100 per month for SuperPRO licenses. Discounts are available for those who purchase SHADOW for multiple games and for those who take a longer initial license term.

NOT YET A PRO? Right now we only have the one pricing tier, however we’re working hard internally to bring out more tiers as soon as possible so everyone can harness the power of SHADOW. You can apply here for access to the CS:GO SemiPRO tier, and we'll notify you when it's ready.