Precision esports analytics for professional Counter-Strike teams

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Built for coaches and analysts

Built primarily for teams looking for a competitive edge, the tool aims to help scout opponents, quickly view data, and visualize that data in meaningful ways. It lessens the burden on coaches and analysts to scout demos, and lets coaches, analysts, and players focus on only important rounds.


We maintain a canonical match database so you don't have to — everything is right at your fingertips. Every match, every demo, every frag, every point of movement, all data is captured and stored on SHADOW. Get precise and up-to-date data on every player, team, and tournament.

Get access to a variety of tools to visualize match data in a multitude of ways. Whether you use our Heatmap Tool, Smoke Tool, or Pathmap Tool, you can gain valuable insights on your opponents faster and more accurately than ever before.

Watch every match, round, frag with our innovative Round Replay tool. With an in-depth timeline of events for each round, a coach can quickly determine what rounds are worth reviewing in detail with your team, and our Round Replay tool gives a pin-point accurate replay of that round. Now, demo review sessions that took hours can now take minutes.

Dig deeper into your opponents than ever before. Teams that prepare have proven time and again to perform better in tournaments. Dig deeper into specific matches, teams, and players to uncover useful trends, positional data, budget strategies, and more. Whatever you're trying to learn about your opponent, Shadow has the data and the tools to help your team ascend to victory.


SHADOW keeps all of your data secure with industry leading security techniques in our trusted cloud. Access your SHADOW CS:GO account securely using your Steam login (via OpenID).


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Shadow Counter-Strike

  • Comprehensive Match DB
  • 2D Replay Tool
  • Heatmap Builder
  • Grenademap Builder
  • Pathmap Builder
  • Direct Access to Support
  • Exclusive 'Scouting Reports' match preparation workflow

Shadow Counter-Strike SemiPRO

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