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Built for coaches and analysts

One of the greatest frustrations as a Dota 2 analyst or coach is spending time processing hundreds of replays for just those key moments you want to dive into. We help you identify and visualize only the key facets of the game that you care about as a coach.

SHADOW Dota is a great tool for those that want to take a fast glimpse into the plans & patterns of an enemy team. Given its simplicity to use, teams can get a lot of information for relatively little time investment. ~ Allen Cook, analyst for Mousesports.


We maintain a canonical match database so you don''t have to — everything is right at your fingertips. Every pro ticketed match, every kill, every smoke, every point of movement - all data is captured and stored on SHADOW. Get precise and up-to-date data on every player, team, and tournament.

Finding the specific data to look at is also part of the challenge. Whether it's analyzing ward patterns by a single team at a specific time or trying to identify draft & smoke patterns of the top teams in the world, you need top quality filters to drill down to the right data.

Once you've found the data you're looking for - displaying it is the next challenge. We offer a variety of simple ways to visualize your data in simple and natural ways, letting you spot patterns an exploit your opponents predictability.


SHADOW keeps all of your data secure with industry leading security techniques in our trusted cloud. Access your SHADOW Dota 2 account securely using your Steam login (via OpenID).


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Shadow Dota 2

  • Comprehensive Match DB
  • Ward Map
  • Smoke Tool
  • Draft Analysis
  • Movement Tracker and Timeline Overview Coming Soon

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