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Shadow Counter-Strike

  • Comprehensive Match DB
  • 2D Replay Tool
  • Heatmap Builder
  • Grenademap Builder
  • Pathmap Builder
  • Direct Access to Support
  • Exclusive 'Scouting Reports' match preparation workflow

Shadow LOL

  • Data-empowered VOD review
  • Scrim Tracking
  • Stats Analysis
  • 2D Replays
  • Champion Pool Analysis
  • Solo Queue Scouting

Shadow Dota 2

  • Comprehensive Match DB
  • Ward Map
  • Smoke Tool
  • Draft Analysis
  • Movement Tracker and Timeline Overview Coming Soon
Closed BETA

Shadow Counter-Strike SemiPRO

  • 100 match uploads per mo
  • 80 Datamap builds per mo
  • 2D Replay tool
  • Limited Tier-1 DB access
  • Same-day support
Is the full package too expensive for your team? A more affordable package for Shadow CS:GO is currently in closed beta. Apply for access by taking a quick survey.