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Get up-to-date data from every top-tier team, player, and match in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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SHADOW.GG PRO Tools for League of Legends and DOTA2 are currently in closed beta.

Product Features Match Database Screenshot

The definitive match database

We maintain a canonical match database so you don't have to — everything is right at your fingertips. Every match, every demo, every frag, every point of movement, all data is captured and stored on SHADOW. Get precise and up-to-date data on every player, team, and tournament.

Accurate visualizations in CSGO

Beautiful, accurate visualizations

Giant datasets are only valuable if they can be made to tell a story. With SHADOW, quickly build heatmaps of specific matches, players, teams. See the trends, compare differences, and quickly review data from dozens (or hundreds) of matches. What used to take hours now takes seconds. Round Replay Viewer

View any round, instantly

Use our match views to quickly find important rounds, and review them instantly in our tactical replay view. Get a pixel-precise, top-down overview of the match that is fully scrubbable and shareable. Advanced CSGO Budget View

Advanced metrics and automated analysis

View charts and graphs highlighting team budgets. Track player performances and trends. See what players buy on force rounds, or ecos. See where awpers are positioning, or where smokes are deployed. The insights are numerous, and constantly expanding.

Built For Teams

Built primarily for teams looking for a competitive edge, the tool aims to help scout opponents, quickly view data, and visualize that data in meaningful ways. It lessens the burden on coaches and analysts to scout demos, and lets your coaches, analysts, and players focus on only important rounds.

Built For Broadcast

The data visualization packages are rich, and fully customizable for production needs. Want to bring match overviews, drawing tools, budget breakdowns, player trends, and innovative statlines to your productions? With Shadow, it has never been easier.

Built with your input

Shadow is being actively developed in collaboration with analysts, players, and coaches. The goal is to develop the definitive professional tool for insightful team scouting, in-depth statistical analysis, and accurate visualizations that bring new insights to life.

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